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You Should Expect A Lot Of Things To Happen In The Next 72 Hours

Because shit always happens when I'm not around to write about it.

Will Wes Lunt make a decision while I'm gone? Probably!
Will Wes Lunt make a decision while I'm gone? Probably!

When this post actually hits the front page on Monday I'll actually be sitting on an airplane somewhere over Georgia or Alabama. That's because I'm headed to Fort Lauderdale for our annual summit in which we put together a gameplan for the upcoming season.

But you don't care about that. You aren't here to read about what I'm doing for work, you're here to find out whether or not Wes Lunt has made a decision yet. Well, given how things usually work, yeah, Lunt probably has already made a decision and he probably announced it no more than five minutes after my plane took off.

But don't worry, though I'm not going to be around much until Thursday, Mark, Brandon and Jack have you covered until then. If/when Lunt makes his decision, or if anything else happens, they'll be here to let you know.

Then on Thursday I'll be back in Chicago and back to writing all the stupid shit you've grown accustomed to. It'll be like I was never even gone!

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