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Adoree Jackson Wants To Visit Illinois

The five-star cornerback would like to visit Champaign this summer.

This is Adoree Jackson not playing football
This is Adoree Jackson not playing football
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

You may remember back in late April that five-star cornerback Adoree Jackson not only got an offer from Illinois, but Jackson also said he was definitely interested in the Illini as well. It was one of the more surprising things to have happened since I began writing this blog in October, and I won't lie and say that I was convinced that Jackson was just being polite in saying he was interested in Illinois.

He is originally from Belleville, after all.

However, it's starting to look like Jackson might be genuinely interested. On Thursday night he tweeted this.

Jackson has scholarship offers from 27 schools, so you would think that Illinois' chances of making that cut are slim. But you could be wrong. Jackson told Wolverine Nation about some visits he'd like to make this summer, and pay attention to the schools he wants to check out.

"I know I want to visit Tennessee, Michigan, Notre Dame and Illinois in the summer," said Jackson. "I'm going to try to visit Michigan at the end of July, but I need to talk to the coaches and set that up. Those are the schools I want to see, I know I'm going to Tennessee for sure, and the others I will if I have time."

"I'm going to narrow my list down on Saturday. I'll probably release it after Saturday, it will be a max top ten, it might be less than that it's just going to depend on how I feel. I pretty much have an idea of who will be in there, but I want to see first."

Now, Jackson says he's going to narrow his list to ten schools at the most, but he only lists four schools he wants to visit, and Illinois is one of them. It doesn't necessarily mean anything, but the fact that a five-star prospect is not only interested in Illinois, but wants to visit, well, honestly I don't know what to think.

It'll be interesting to see if the Illini can hang in the running.

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