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2013 Nashville Regional: Georgia Tech Primer

And now for the team we're facing first.

Daniel Palka
Daniel Palka

We've already introduced you to Vanderbilt and East Tennessee State, but this morning we're going to look at the team we know for certain the Illini will face. That's because the Illini will be playing Georgia Tech at 1pm Friday.

Georgia Tech reached the tournament the same way the Illini did for the most part. They did not win the ACC -- one of the premier college baseball conferences in the country -- but got an at-large berth based on a good record and a very strong RPI.

Where the Illini and Georgia Tech differ is that, based upon looking at the numbers, Georgia Tech wins by out-scoring you. It's pitching -- outside Buck Farmer, whom sadly, we'll likely face Friday -- doesn't appear very dominant, but there's a lot of thunder in the lineup.

For instance, Daniel Palka and Zane Evans combined for 31 homers this season. As a team the Illini had 29.


Record: 34-25

ACC record: 15-15

Manager: Danny Hall

RPI: 21st

Strength of schedule: 4h

Polls: CBN - Unranked, Coaches Poll - 34th

Offensive Team Stats (National Rank)

Batting Average: .305 (Tie-21st)

On-base Percentage: .384 (Tie-39th)

Slugging Percentage: .459 (10th)

Runs per game: 6.7 (Tie-25th)

Home Runs per game: 0.95 (Tie-7th)

Stolen Bases: 70 (Tie-85th)

Individual Offensive Leaders (National Rank)

Batting Average: Zane Evans .369 (Tie-60th)

On-base Percentage: Zane Evans .437 (Unranked)

Slugging Percentage: Daniel Palka .637 (29th)

Runs scored: Daniel Palka 52 (Tie-78th)

Home Runs: Daniel Palka 17 (Tie-4th)

Runs Batted In: Daniel Palka 65 (Tie-12th)

Stolen Bases: Kyle Wren 26 (Tie-32nd)

Team Pitching & Defense Stats (National Rank)

ERA: 4.49 (Tie-166th)

WHIP: 1.45 (Tie-150th)

Strikeouts per 9 Innings: 7.2 (Tie-60th)

Walks per 9 Innings: 4.01 (Tie-207th)

K/BB: 1.79 (Tie-140th)

Fielding Percentage: .972 (Tie-53rd)

Individual Pitching Leaders (National Rankings)

Wins: Buck Farmer 8 (Tie-79th)

ERA: Buck Farmer 2.87 (Tie-207th)

Saves: Zane Evans 3 (Unranked)

Strikeouts: Buck Farmer 112 (8th)

Innings Pitched: Buck Farmer 103.1

Average Against: Buck Farmer .247

Likely Starting Lineup

1. Kyle Wren - LF

2. Brandon Thomas - CF

3. Daniel Palka - RF

4. Zane Evans - C

5. Same Dove - 3B

6. A.J. Murray - 1B

7. Mott Hyde - SS

8. Matt Gonzalez - DH

9. Thomas Smith - 2B

Starting Rotation

1. Buck Farmer

2. Dusty Isaacs

3. Cole Pitts

4. Jonathan King

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