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Susannah Collins Is The Latest Victim In CSN's War On The Illini

The CSN Chicago anchor was fired, likely for a minor slip-up.

We'll miss you.
We'll miss you.

I'm beginning to think there might be some Northwestern grads amongst the higher ups at Comcast SportsNet's Chicago office. First they came for Kendall Gill simply for being what most would call a hero. For a while we thought he was fired, but apparently he was merely suspended for the rest of the basketball season which only feels like forever.

But last night they decided to go one step further and give the wonderful Susannah Collins the axe. And for what? Well, it's looking like this is what did her in.

Now, I might just be a simple vet student/blogger/minor sociopath, but really? That's it? This isn't an A.J. Clemente situation. She didn't swear or maybe say a slur against homosexuals. She said sex, a word that doesn't get censored on TV because it IS NOT AN OFFENSIVE WORD!

You know what is more offensive than hearing a reporter accidentally say sex when they mean success? Anything Tim Doyle has ever said. Hell, any time Tim Doyle has ever been on camera!

I know it's not the official reason she was let go (at least not yet) but that combined with her pre-CSN activities seem to have been too much for the bosses to handle. We here at the Champaign Room wish our fellow Illini alum the best of luck. We're all with you 100% and if you want to join us around here, that would be just swell. We won't get mad at you for making minor mistakes.

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