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Everett Golson Leaving Notre Dame Could Affect Illinois

Does Notre Dame now become an option for Wes Lunt?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

When the news broke about Everett Golson at Notre Dame on Saturday night odds are you took some pleasure in Notre Dame's pain. That's the natural reaction of most non-Notre Dame fans any time something bad happens to the Irish. However, it's possible that Notre Dame's loss could lead to a loss for the Illini as well.

Last week ESPN's Joe Schad reported that Notre Dame had originally been an option for Wes Lunt but that it didn't seem possible at the time. Well, on Sunday while reporting that Lunt would make his visit to Louisville on Tuesday, Schad also reported that it's possible Notre Dame could once again emerge as a candidate for Lunt.

Now, keep in mind there's a difference between Schad saying Notre Dame could reconnect with Lunt now and that they will. Still, the idea that Notre Dame could now be involved with Lunt wouldn't be good news for the Illini.

Still, I'm not sure Notre Dame will get involved.

If Lunt was eligible to play in 2013 then it would make a lot of sense, as he could step right in and take over. But that's not the case, and while Notre Dame definitely could use some quarterback depth on the roster right now, I'm not sure it's the same case for 2014. Which is why Notre Dame fell out of the running for Lunt in the first place.

Odds are Tommy Rees will start at quarterback for Notre Dame this season, but the quarterback of the future in South Bend is now Malik Zaire. The four-star member of Notre Dame's 2013 class has impressed the coaching staff, and like Golson but unlike Lunt, Zaire provides a dual-threat presence at the quarterback position.

The fact Everett Golson could run and pass is a big reason why he was able to start over Rees last season, as Rees provides no running threat.

So I wouldn't be too worried about Notre Dame emerging as a candidate for Lunt, but it is a possibility. In the meantime we should just worry about Lunt's visit to Louisville on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Golson released a statement on Sunday afternoon saying he intends to return to Notre Dame in 2014. Which means Notre Dame becomes less viable as an option for Lunt.

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