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Myke Henry Is Transferring

We've wondered for a while, and we finally have an answer.


It was in early May when the Myke Henry transfer rumors began surfacing, and John Groce said in a radio interview that it was "possible." Since then we've spent the last three weeks waiting for the situation to resolve itself one way or another.

Well, it seems it has resolved itself.

Marcus Jackson talked to one of Myke's assistant coaches at Orr High School and Phil Gipson says that Henry is looking for a new start.

"He just decided that he wanted a fresh start somewhere else and decided he didn't want to go back," Gipson told Jackson. "Illinois, that's a great coaching staff and he loved the coaching staff, but sometimes to get yourself going you need a new environment."

Gipson also told Jackson that they're hoping to receive his release from Illinois in the next week. As for where Myke will end up, that's not known as of yet.

So, while it's not official yet, it's pretty much official. Myke Henry becomes the fourth player to transfer out of the Illini program since the season ended. However, Henry is the first transfer who likely would have had a significant role on the Illini next season. It's entirely possible that Myke Henry could have been starting at the four.

So unlike the losses of Devin Langford, Mike Shaw and Ibby Djimde, this one will have a pretty big impact on the Illini next season. Darius Paul has transferred in, but he'll have to sit out next season. So at the moment the Illini frontcourt consists of Nnanna Egwu, Illinois State transfer Jon Ekey, and incoming freshman Austin Colbert and Maverick Morgan.

Something tells me we're going to see a lot of four guard lineups next season.

It also means we'll probably find out about Ahmad Starks soon as well.

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