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Yet Another Update On Wes Lunt

For real this time.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

All right, so this morning I had a little fun with the latest developments in Wes Lunt's transfer, but this one is for real. I mean it.

While there isn't a ton of new information available, ESPN's Joe Schad said that Lunt is "sincerely considering transferring" to Illinois. Which sounds incredibly insulting when you think about it.

In any other story Schad would write "Player X is considering transferring to School Y" but when it comes to a big name player transferring to Illinois he has to throw in the "sincerely." Because if he doesn't the reader might think he's full of shit and not being serious.

What kind of journalist would do that shit?

Anyway, Schad says that, not surprisingly, both Tim Beckman and Bill Cubit are trying to sell Lunt on the fact that he could replace Nate Scheelhaase in 2014 and help turn around a program he grew up rooting for.

Schad also mentions that Notre Dame was a possible destination for Lunt, but that it's unlikely that will happen now. Which is good, because even though this feels like it's only a two-horse race between us and Louisville, I don't think we'd have any chance in hell if Notre Dame was a real option as well.

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