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Report: Mike Gundy Blocking Wes Lunt From the Big 12 And SEC


He's a man, he's reportedly restricting Wes Lunt's transfer options
He's a man, he's reportedly restricting Wes Lunt's transfer options
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There are a lot of things that college coaches do that annoy me. One of the biggest is when they restrict where a player can transfer to. No coach, or athletic director for that matter, ever needs permission from a player before leaving for any school he likes, and coaches actually have contracts with the school that employs them. The players, on the other hand, generally have a one-year scholarship that the school doesn't have to renew if for some reason it decides not to.

So when a coach that can leave whenever the hell he wants tells one of his players he'll allow him to leave, but only to certain schools, it pisses me off. Although maybe sometimes it doesn't.

According to Jeremy Rauch of WICS in Springfield, Mike Gundy may not be giving Wes Lunt a lot of options.

Confused about Wes Lunt's future? Here's some helpful insight from a source close to the situation: It's still very early in the process. Why? Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy has only granted Lunt's release to Illinois, which Wes visited Thursday, and Louisville. Gundy has blocked all other schools on Lunt's list. That list includes: All Big 12 Schools, All SEC schools (including Vanderbilt and Tennessee) and Southern Mississippi. Lunt can appeal the list Gundy turned down, but it's a 35-day process.

If Lunt chooses to appeal that list, we could still be a long way from finding out where he will land. There are some other "Big Boys" in the mix (big time, very successful, college programs) which will remain unnamed for now. As it stands, Louisville and Illinois are the only two places Lunt has been granted release. Reading between the lines, Gundy is blocking Lunt from transferring to any school that could gain a competitive edge over OSU.

Which, let's be real, if this is what's going on -- and I must stress the if part of that sentence yet again -- it is a dick move. I can understand why Gundy wouldn't want Lunt transferring to a Big 12 school, but to not allow him to transfer to the SEC is just being an asshole. The only time Oklahoma State needs to worry about the SEC would be in a bowl game or maybe even the playoff. Well, if Oklahoma State is playing for a national title I don't know why in the hell it needs to be worried about Wes Lunt being the quarterback of the SEC team it's playing.

It'd already be in the damn game.

And if Gundy is actually blocking Lunt from going to Southern Miss, I mean, what the hell is the point of that? When is Southern Miss going to get in Oklahoma State's way?

Of course, on the other side of that coin, if Gundy is being an asshole here it is certainly working to Illinois' benefit. Rauch says there are other "big boys" in the mix for Lunt and you have to think it'd be a lot more difficult for the Illini to get Lunt if those "big boys" actually entered the race.

So if what Rauch is reporting is true, Gundy's being an asshole, but he's being the kind of asshole that just might help us out.

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