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Wes Lunt Is Considering Illinois And Four Others

So we're officially in the running.

Ed Zurga

Up until now just about everything we've talked about when it comes to Wes Lunt and where he's going to transfer has been speculation. We were all just kind of assuming that Illinois would be an option for Lunt because it made sense seeing as that he's from the area and was heavily recruited by the Illini out of high school.

Well, now we have confirmation that Lunt is considering Illinois, though once you see the other schools he's looking at, you may not be as optimistic as you once were.

Yep, it's us, Southern Miss, Louisville, Tennessee and Vanderbilt. When it comes to the current states of those programs, I think it's safe to say that Illinois is only a "better" option than Southern Miss. All five schools do make sense for Lunt, though.

Southern Miss is in the hunt for Todd Monken as Monken was a big part of bringing him to Oklahoma State. Meanwhile Illinois, Louisville and Vanderbilt all recruited Lunt out of high school, as did Tennessee head coach Butch Jones, but he was at Cincinnati at the time.

And the good news for Illinois is that Schad also tweeted that Lunt will consider the proximity to home, and none of the other options are closer to home than Illinois.

And now we just wait and see.

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