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Arkansas' Keante Minor Could Transfer To Illinois As Well

Wes Lunt isn't the only transfer that could make his way to Champaign.


There has been an awful lot of news about transfers around here lately hasn't there?

A lot of the talk has taken place on the basketball side of things as three players have already left the program, with a possible fourth happening soon, and players coming in to replace all of them. However, while nobody has officially transferred in to the program, Tim Beckman and the football team have been making some noise in the transfer scene as well.

Obviously most of the talk has been about Oklahoma State quarterback Wes Lunt, but there's another player from Illinois that announced he was transferring last week that could be returning closer to home.

Last week it was announced that Arkansas wide receiver Keante Minor was transferring, and while it's not getting a ton of attention, the word is that Illinois is interested in bringing Minor on board.

While there's no confirmation of Illinois' interest, it certainly makes sense that the Illini would be interested in Minor. Minor was a three-star receiver out of East St. Louis in the 2011 class that was receiving interest from the Illini before committing to the Razorbacks. He's also a wide receiver, which is a position Tim Beckman has said needs to be addressed publicly often enough.

What we don't know is what Minor is looking for at the moment. Unlike Lunt where the situation seems like he just wants to be closer to home, Minor's motivation for leaving Arkansas seems more likely due to his role there. While he was recruited to Arkansas as a wide receiver in 2011 he was converted to running back last season. Of course, no matter the position he was designated as, the only time Minor saw the field was on special teams.

Minor returned nine punts for 55 yards last season and returned three kicks for 65 yards as a freshman in 2011. Other than that he hasn't seen much of the field. So odds are Minor is looking for a place he can get on the field.

Which is something he may be able to do here, as he has decent size and good speed. Illinois' proximity to his home in East St. Louis may be a factor that gives the Illini a bit of an edge as well.

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