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World Of Beer Cancels Illinois Caravan Stop

They gave in to the NUrds.

Both Northwestern fans are thrilled
Both Northwestern fans are thrilled

The NUrds have won, damn it. The NUrds have won.

Last week I wrote about some NUrds being upset that the Illinois Caravan was going to be making a stop in Evanstonon May 8. The Illinois Caravan is travelling all over the state with our head coaches giving them an opportunity to gladhand with alumni and fans all across Illinois. Well, since Northwestern is delusional and thinks it's Chicago's Big Ten team, the Illini decided to do a little trolling by holding one of the Caravan events at World of Beer in Evanston.

This angered both Northwestern fans greatly, and apparently they got so loud that World of Beer decided to cancel the event.

Here's the release the bar sent out via Inside Northwestern.

We thought this event is just a private party for Uof I. We didn't realize the nature of the event is against NU. We have called U of I and informed them we cannot host this event. We are 100% support Northwestern University. Here, we would like to apologize the confusing.

You English speak good, Northwestern bar.

As for the World of Beer, it's hard to blame them for making this move. It's a new bar in the area and having one of its first major events be an Illini event would probably be a bad first impression on Evanston. I mean, if you tick off both Northwestern fans, where will those two not be able to watch Northwestern tournament games?

As for where the Caravan stop will be moved to the school hasn't said yet but Teddy Greenstein tweeted that it would be in downtown Chicago somewhere.

No word on whether or not the NUrds will revolt against their city hosting the Illini. I hope they do and move to Wisconsin in protest.


The Caravan Stop has been moved to Howells & Hood on Wednesday May 8th at 5:30pm. Details and registration here.

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