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Brandon Paul Is A Baby Penguin

He tweeted it, I did it.

The Champaign Room

During last night's national championship game Michigan's Trey Burke made this block on Louisville's Peyton Siva.


Burke was called for a foul because all referees are terrible and should be fired into the sun. It wasn't a foul, it was a clean block. Everybody knew this. Even our old friend Brandon Paul, who tweeted the following.

Now, it wasn't a foul, so obviously Brandon Paul is not a baby penguin. A baby penguin could not average 16.6 points per game playing in the Big Ten. Maybe the SEC, but not the Big Ten.

Anyway, even if Brandon Paul isn't a baby penguin, that doesn't mean we can't make him into a baby penguin. So we made him into a baby penguin.


That's right, BP3 now stands for Baby Penguin III.

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