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D.J. Richardson To Play In Portsmouth Invitational

The Portsmouth Invitational is a tournament for seniors to showcase their ability for NBA and European scouts before the NBA Draft.

Ronald Martinez

We don't know what D.J. Richardson's basketball future holds, but he's going to have at least a few more chances to showcase his basketball talent to NBA and European scouts before the NBA Draft takes place this summer. Richardson will be participating in the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament this week.

The tournament features seniors from all over the country and splits them into eight teams for the tournament.

Ironically enough, D.J. is on the same team as Ohio's D.J. Cooper, so both of John Groce's favorite D.J.s will team together. Other members of Norfolk Sports Club are Notre Dame's Jack Cooley, N.C. State's Scott Wood, Iowa State's Will Clyburn, East Carolina's Maurice Kemp, Iona's Lamont Jones and Hawaii's Vander Joaquim -- remember him?

They'll be coached by Mike Head and Mark Butts -- those are their real names and this isn't a cartoon called Butts Head -- along with Chicago's own Antoine Walker. Hopefully Walker isn't giving the players any financial advice.

Their first game is on Wednesday April 10 and they'll play again on Thursday or Friday depending on whether they win or lose.

No, the games are not televised, though I wish they were considering the season just ended last night and I'd take whatever kind of "college basketball" I could get right now.

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