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We Are Smart And We Like To Party

The only recruiting pitch John Groce or Tim Beckman will ever truly need.

If you go to or went to Illinois this probably won't come as a surprise to you, but it turns out that kids that go to Illinois like to do two things: study and get drunk. An assessment that has now been scientifically proven* by the folks over at Buzzfeed.

What Buzzfeed did was take Forbes' list of America's top colleges and Fiesta Frog's list of top party schools and combined them to find out who the smartest drunks were. And while Illinois is not at the top of the list -- that belongs to possible future Big Ten member Virginia -- it's definitely skewing to the right part of the graph.


So be proud of yourselves, Illini. Celebrate by getting really drunk tonight while watching the national championship game, but only after you finish doing your homework!

As for how Illinois compares in each category to the rest of the Big Ten, here is how Forbes ranks Big Ten schools by academics.

  1. Northwestern (22nd overall)
  2. Michigan (57th)
  3. Illinois (86th)
  4. Indiana (144th)
  5. Wisconsin (147th)
  6. Penn State (184th)
  7. Ohio State (188th)
  8. Purdue (195th)
  9. Michigan State (250th)
  10. Minnesota (258th)
  11. Iowa (269th)
  12. Nebraska (470th)
Way to go, Nebraska.

  1. Wisconsin (3rd)
  2. Penn State (7th)
  3. Iowa (18th)
  4. Indiana (19th)
  5. Ohio State (21st)
  6. Illinois (24th)
  7. Michigan State (43rd)
And those were the only schools to crack the top 100.

*the Internet is a kind of science

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