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The Champaign Room Has A Facebook Page

Go Like that shit and post pictures of your children playing Farmville or whatever the hell it is people do on Facebook these days.

So The Champaign Room has finally joined the year 2001 and created a Facebook page for the site. So if you are on Facebook and you are reading this site right now, it probably makes a lot of sense that you should head on over there and like our Facebook page.

You see, our Facebook page has a very low self esteem. Why, I've even heard our Facebook page mention suicide occasionally. I don't know if our Facebook page is serious, but I don't want to take any chances. So head on over to Facebook and like our Facebook page.

You might just save its life.

Follow The Champaign Room on Twitter at @Champaign_Room and Like us on Facebook. You can follow Tom Fornelli on Twitter at @TomFornelli.