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Jereme Richmond Arrested...Again

I feel like I should have at least ten "Jereme Richmond arrested" posts pre-written at this point.

Joe Robbins

If Jereme Richmond had been as dedicated to basketball as he is to getting arrested then he may have lived up to his Illinois Mr. Basketball status when he was a four-star member of our 2010 recruiting class. Sadly, we're all well aware that was not the case, and even sadder, it's no surprise that Richmond has been arrested yet again.

From the Chicago Tribune:

Richmond, 21, of Waukegan, had already been due in court this morning as authorities sought to revoke his probation because, they said, he had refused to submit to court-ordered drug testing.

But Thursday, prosecutors said, Richmond showed up at the probation office, angrily confronted his probation officer about why he was being taken back to court, told her to "be safe," left the building and then circle the parking lot in his car several times, making a hand gesture in the form of a gun.

A judge this morning ordered Richmond held in Lake County jail on $250,000 bond. His lawyer, Lawrence Wade, said the new charges were based on "unwarranted fears" of his probation officer, with whom he said Richmond had "a long history." Wade had sought a $50,000 bond.

That's just really intelligent. The best way to avoid violating your probation has always been to threaten your probation officer. Who are they going to tell, right?


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