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Both Northwestern Fans Plan To Show Up To Evanston Caravan Stop

The Fighting Illini Caravan will be making a stop in Evanston on May 8 and the two Northwestern fans in existence plan on being heard.

The Champaign Room

Earlier this week Illinois announced the stops on the Fighting Illini Caravan, which is pretty much Mike Thomas and the coaches of Illinois' major athletic teams -- including Tim Beckman and John Groce -- travelling around the state shaking hands and kissing babies. One of these dates was originally billed as a stop in Chicago, but in truth the Caravan will be stopping in Evanston on May 8.

Whether this is intentional trolling or not -- and I assume it is -- it's great. I mean, Northwestern is Chicago's Big Ten Team, after all, so we've already lost it. Might as well try and take over Evanston from the Wildcats.

Anyway, the Evanston stop has already closed registration because of demand, but that's not going to stop both Northwestern fans from trying to make a scene.

The announcement of the event has drawn chuckles from NU officials, all of whom declined comment.

It has drawn a public response, though, from Wildside, the official student section of NU athletics. The group posted this on Facebook: "Let's make sure Northwestern gives them a warm welcome - non-stop singing of the fight song, chanting of Go U-NU, and general support of NU during their entire attempt at speaking. THERE WILL BE FREE APPAREL and OTHER GIVEAWAYS to those who attend!"

As of 2:30 p.m. Thursday, more than 200 NU fans on Facebook said they'd show up.

My guess for what's going to happen?

Well, 200 NUrds have said they'll show up on Facebook, but the internet is the domain of the NUrd. Oh, sure, the NUrd says he's going to show up and chant things at the Illini, but at some point the NUrd realizes he's going to have to go outside to accomplish this.

And no NUrd emerges from its home. There are books to read, exams to study for and social lives to be had on the internet. Why give up all this to go to a bar where they might have to actually interact with somebody?

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