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Aaron Cosby To Decide Between Illinois And Missouri

The Seton Hall transfer could grab one of those available scholarships


Aaron Cosby is not wasting time figuring out where he wants to go. It was only two weeks ago that we first found out there was mutual interest between the Seton Hall transfer and the Illini, and last week Cosby narrowed his list of choices down to a few schools including Illinois.

And now Cosby has narrowed his choices down to two. Yes, it appears Aaron wants to pour a little fuel on the Braggin' Rights rivalry.

More from Zagoria's blog:

"After a few home visits and looking into other situations this past week I'm going to visit Missouri and Illinois this month and decide," Cosby told

The reasoning he pegged those two schools is simple.

"Not only are they Top 25 NCAA Tourney caliber teams, they have made my family and I comfortable with the fit into their big picture," Cosby said. "I've had to turn down some great options from really good schools but feel like these two schools and what they offer will be the best fit for me."

Now if Cosby does choose to come to Illinois, like Rayvonte Rice before him, he'll have to sit out a year before seeing the court. Which means he'd be out until the 2014-15 season.

It also means that he'd take up one of those open scholarships left behind by the transfers of Devin Langford, Ibby Djimde and Mike Shaw. Still, he's the kind of guard that we could use because this team does not have a ton of three-point shooting on the roster at the moment and Cosby shot 40% from three this season and 38.8% from three in his two seasons at Seton Hall.

I'd be fine with him hitting 40% of his threes in an Illini jersey.

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