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It Seems Nathan Scheelhaase Has Already Won The Quarterback Competition

He entered the spring competing with Reilly O'Toole, but if you saw the Illini practice in Chicago on Friday it looks like that competition is over.


When the Illini first opened spring practice a month ago I wondered aloud about how open the quarterback competition was really going to be this spring. While the coaching staff may have been saying it was an open battle between Nathan Scheelhaase and Reilly O'Toole, I just wasn't convinced.

And if you went to see the Illini practice at Gately Stadium in Chicago on Friday, it looked like the competition between Scheelhaase and O'Toole this spring has already ended.

Scheelhaase took every rep with the first team on Friday.

Now, it's possible that O'Toole took every rep with the first team on Monday when practice wasn't open to the public, but something tells me that wasn't the case. I think it's safe to say that right now Nathan Scheelhaase is atop the depth chart.

And while Aaron Bailey will get a shot this summer, I don't think he'll have enough time to unseat Scheelhaase.

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