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Illini Don't Have An In-Home Scheduled With Jahlil Okafor

While I don't think Illinois has ever had a real shot with Okafor, this would seem to confirm it.

Bad news if you're one of the six or seven people out there that still thinks the Illini have a legitimate shot of landing Whitney Young's Jahlil Okafor: Okafor has a series of in-home visits scheduled for next week and none of them include John Groce and Illinois.

Okafor's father told ESPNChicago's Scott Powers that Duke, Kansas, Michigan State and Baylor will all be making in-home visits next week and Ohio State has already visited. However, Okafor's father also said that those five schools aren't the only schools Jahlil is interested in, they're just the only ones who have called to set up a visit.

Does that mean Illinois is still in the running?

"We were just talking about Coach Groce," Chukwudi Okafor told ESPNChicago. "Coach Groce has contacted us a few times. He hasn't asked anything about a home visit. He's asked us to come out to visit. I've been there quite a few times. I'm not in a rush to get down to Champaign. Nothing against the coaching staff. Nothing against the university. I've been there enough to know about the school."

Yeah, that doesn't sound very promising, does it? It feels like Okafor is saying "well next season hasn't started yet, so sure, Northwestern could win the NCAA title."

Of course, more than what Okafor's father said, I look at the fact that John Groce hasn't scheduled an in-home. From what we've seen from Groce since he's been here, this is not a man that slacks on the recruiting front, so it's not like he just hasn't gotten around to it. The fact no visit has been scheduled tells me that Groce either knows he doesn't have a chance with Okafor, or that he's just not interested in Okafor as a one and done.

Either way, I hope the attention he's not giving Okafor all goes to Cliff Alexander instead.

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