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Joe Lunardi Already Has A Bracket Projection For Next Season

Because when your job title is "bracketologist" exactly what else are you going to do?

Tracy finds these projections a bit ridiculous
Tracy finds these projections a bit ridiculous

Louisville just put the finishing touches on the college basketball season by beating Michigan in the title game just over two weeks ago, which means we're a long way off from the next college basketball season. We're also 11 months away from the next NCAA tournament.

So of course ESPN's Joe Lunardi already has a bracket projection for next season, because he's a bracketologist and has absolutely nothing better to do.

Of course, you don't care how much time Joe Lunardi has on his hands, nor do you care what he does with that time. All you want to know is if Lunardi has a bracket projection for next season, are the Illini included in it.

They are.


As for my thoughts, I don't know, what the hell do you want me to say? Considering I expect the team to take a step back next season, I'm pleased that Lunardi believes we'll be good enough to make it again.

But while that's nice, all this does is actually make me angry because it's a reminder of how far away basketball season is.

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