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Brandon Miller Leaving To Join Staff At Butler

Miller served as Special Assistant to the Head Coach.

Brandon Miller is in this photo
Brandon Miller is in this photo

So it looks like we finally found a way to make the basketball team feel like the football team.

The Illini are losing a coach to Butler.

Miller's official title with the Illini was "Special Assistant to the Head Coach." I don't know if that includes coffee or not.

As for what kind of impact this will have on the coaching staff, I'm not going to pretend I can tell you the inner workings of this staff. All I know is that before you freak out about an Illinois assistant leaving Champaign to join Brad Stevens at Butler you should know that Butler is Miller's alma mater.

So maybe he just wants to go home after spending so many years in Ohio and Illinois.

As for who Groce will bring in to replace him, I suggest any coach that can help land Cliff Alexander, Charles Matthews, Jaquan Lyle and Leron Black.

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