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B1G Basketball Diaries: Michigan State Stays Alive

There's one less contender for the Big Ten crown.


Michigan State 58 Wisconsin 43

I didn't pay much attention to this game as I had it muted on the television as background "noise" while I was watching Whitney Young and Curie -- also known as Jahlil Okafor vs Cliff Alexander -- on my laptop. So really I'm better equipped to tell you that there's a reason Okafor, Alexander, Paul White and L.J. Peak are all highly-touted members of the 2014 class. While the focus is on Okafor and Alexander I'll be happy if Illinois lands any of them.

As for the game I'm supposed to be writing about here, Wisconsin's Big Ten hopes are dead, but not all is lost as Bo Ryan is no doubt thrilled with the 48 points his team scored. The Badgers are in tournament shape!

Penn State 66 Northwestern 59

I'm pretty sure Whitney Young could hang with either of these teams for at least a half, maybe longer.

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