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Report: Jim Bridge Leaves Illinois For Purdue

Well this is a great start to spring practice.

Your Illinois coaching staff
Your Illinois coaching staff

As I finished writing a post about the quarterback competition the Illini will have during spring practice, it turns out that quarterback job isn't nearly as wide open as the position of offensive line coach is.

According to, offensive line coach Jim Bridge is leaving Illinois to take the same job at Purdue.

So, yeah, that's awesome. Just when you thought the coaching staff was finally complete, Bridge leaves on the first day of spring practice. Tim Beckman now needs to overhaul the overhaul of his coaching staff.

Needless to say, this puts a bit of a damper on the natural optimism that occurs when spring practice begins. I was a big fan of the Bridge hire when it was announced he'd be replacing Luke Butkus, and now here we are without an offensive line coach yet again.

Where do the Illini go from here? I wish I knew.

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