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Darius Millines Suspended For Violation Of Team Rules

Woohoo the season is really here now!


With spring practice beginning on Tuesday Tim Beckman took some time to answer questions this afternoon, and he also dropped a bit of news on everybody.

Wide receiver Darius Millines has been suspended for a violation of team rules. According to Beckman his status will be re-evaluated in May. What the violation of team rules was, Beckman did not say.

But in the interest of creating false rumors that are most certainly not true, let's just say Darius spent the winter killing vagrants. Not because he's a bad person and a serial killer, but because they just looked so cold.

They were mercy killings.

As for the impact this has on the team this spring, Millines was still rehabbing his torn labrum anyway, and he'll continue to do so while suspended.

Millines finished second on the team last season with 32 receptions for 319 yards. His suspension opens a door for guys like Miles Osei, who Beckman confirmed on Monday was moving from quarterback to wide receiver full time. The same can be said for Steve Hull.

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