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The Votes Keep Coming But There Aren't Enough Of Them

Pretty much the only way the Illini are going to be ranked before the regular season ends is if they win out against Iowa and Ohio State.

John Groce explains to D.J. how voting works
John Groce explains to D.J. how voting works

It's Monday and in the world of college basketball Monday means that the new college basketball polls are out. Unfortunately for the Illini over the last month, those polls have not included our boys in the orange and blue.

A close win over Nebraska sure wasn't enough to change that this week.

Actually, no, the close win over Nebraska did change things this week. We've actually slipped further because of it.

While Gonzaga is your #1 in both polls, after receiving 19 points the Illini found themselves in 31st place in the AP Poll. This week the Illini actually received more points, accumulating 25, but that's only good enough for 32nd. One point behind Butler.

So I guess it depends on how you want to look at it. It's good that we're showing up on more ballots this week, or at least higher on some ballots, but the fact there are now more teams between us and the top 25 just means that we're not cracking it unless we win out.

The story doesn't really change in the Coaches Poll, where the Illini receive 6 points and are tied with Akron for 35th. Last week we found ourselves tied for 34th after receiving only 5 points. So again, more points, worse position.

It's a good thing these rankings don't actually matter and that we'll have a number next to our name after the NCAA brackets are announced.

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