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B1G Basketball Diaries: Trey Burke Is Good At Basketball

So Indiana is going to be your regular season Big Ten champion. Which means a lot to nobody.

Gregory Shamus

Michigan 58 Michigan State 57

I'd just like to start this off with a little thing I like to call the transitive property. Illinois beat Penn State, Penn State beat Michigan and Michigan beat Michigan State.

Therefore Illinois > Penn State > Michigan > Michigan State.

And let's not forget that Illinois beat Indiana too. We are Big Ten champs. High fives all around.

Then there's Trey Burke, who is better than everybody, or at least he was yesterday.

Burke finished with 21 points and 8 assists, but it was two of his 5 steals on the afternoon late the helped seal the deal for the Wolverines.

Purdue 69 Wisconsin 56

What had been a weird week in the Big Ten did not stop on Sunday. Wisconsin had a 13-point lead in the first half and then found itself with a nine-point lead early in the second half before Purdue just took the game over. The Boilermakers would outscore the Badgers 38-16 over the final 17 minutes to pull off the upset.

Purdue's a dangerous team when D.J. Byrd -- you know, the guy who Tim Doyle thinks will be in the Basketball Hall of Fame at some point -- is actually hitting his shots, and he was 6-for-9 from three on Sunday and finished with 22 points.

As for Wisconsin, this loss now puts the Badgers in a four-way tie with Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State for second place in the conference. Which is not nearly as big of a deal as the fact that all four of those teams are also tied for fourth place and the top four teams get the first round bye in the conference tournament.

So although Indiana is going to win the conference, there are still a lot of important games to watch this week.

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