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Devin Langford Is Leaving Too

Transfers are coming fast and furious.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

I swear to you I had hardly finished hitting publish on the story about Mike Shaw transferring when I found out that there was another transfer. And of course this all game about an hour and a half after we originally found out about Ibby Djimde.

But it's all official now. Marcus Jackson is reporting that as I mentioned in the Shaw post, Devin Langford is transferring as well.

Three Illinois players with eligibility remaining - Mike Shaw, Devin Langford and Ibby Djimde - will not return to the program for the 2013-14 season.

The moves will free up three scholarships for Illinois.

So there's three scholarships for us. How will John Groce use them, I don't know.

As for Langford, he's the same story as Shaw and Djimde. He just didn't fit here. Personally I've always felt like Devin was a terrific athlete but he wasn't quite a basketball player. He may still become one, and a good one at that, but it was obvious that it wouldn't be happening here.

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