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Report: Mike Shaw Is Transferring As Well

So now we just sit and wait for Devin Langford to do the same?

Raise your hand if you're trasnferring
Raise your hand if you're trasnferring

It's Friday, Friday, gotta transfer to a new school on Friday.

First it was reported that Ibby Djimde would be transferring from Illinois on Friday morning and now it appears that Mike Shaw is following him out the door.

While I don't doubt that Mike is transferring, the fact that the guy #scooping the story is telling coaches to "hit my DM" makes me question it a little. Though maybe this bro just wants to bro, and transfers are what bros do, bro.


Anyway, as we went over already, this isn't a shock. So far two of the three players we've expected to transfer are reportedly doing so. I suppose all we do know is sit back and wait for Devin Langford to do the same.

Shaw appeared in 14 games for the Illini this season, playing a total of 50 minutes with 12 points and 11 rebounds. Like Djimde, it was pretty clear that he just wasn't a fit for what John Groce likes to do, though Shaw got more opportunities than Ibby did.

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