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Report: Ibby Djimde To Transfer

This is not unexpected


Well, we recklessly speculated about it earlier this week, and as is always the case, reckless speculation becomes unerring truth.

Alex Kline is reporting that Ibby Djimde is going to transfer from Illinois.

As I already mentioned, this is not an unexpected loss, nor is it truly a big loss for the program. Ibby was never really a fit for what John Groce likes to do, and it showed this season. He appeared in only 11 games and played a total of 19 minutes while scoring two points.

Ibby's two year career in Illinois totalled seven points, 17 rebounds and 80 minutes played.

Odds are his place on the roster will be replaced by another transfer, possibly one of the jucos that Groce has been talking to in recent weeks.

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