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Spring Practice Around The Big Ten

Your one stop shop for all my Big Ten Spring Practice Primers.


Over the last few weeks at Eye On College Football I've been writing Spring Practice Primers for every team in the Big Ten, including Illinois. What's a Spring Practice Primer? Well I'm glad I pretended you asked that question so I could go on to explain the answer to you in a way that seemed natural and flowing and just like some good old fashioned conversation.

Essentially I just take a look at every team in the Big Ten and tell you the least you need to know about each team this spring. What needs to be replaced, what's different, where the position battles are. They're all just handy posts to have around to keep up to date on what's going on with the teams around the Big Ten.

Here are links to each Primer I wrote. Click them. Read them. Learn from them. Impress people.

Leaders Division

-- Illinois

-- Indiana

-- Ohio State

-- Penn State

-- Purdue

-- Wisconsin

Legends Division

-- Iowa

-- Michigan

-- Michigan State

-- Minnesota

-- Nebraska

-- Northwestern

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