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2013 NCAA Tournament: Saturday Open Thread

You can call it the third round if you're an asshole, but it's the second round.


Bad news for those of you riddled with ADD: there's only eight games scheduled today instead of the 16 we saw on both Thursday and Friday. So you're better off hanging out here to fight the boredom with pithy comments.

The early schedule is a bit light as there will only be one game at a time, which will be fine if the games are good. But if there are blowouts, well, that's why you post gifs in the comments.

Here's your schedule for the day:

Michigan vs VCU 11:15am CBS

Michigan State vs Memphis 1:45pm CBS

Louisville vs Colorado State 4:15pm CBS

Arizona vs Harvard 5:10pm TNT

St. Louis vs Oregon 6:10pm TBS

Marquette vs Butler 6:45pm CBS

Gonzaga vs Wichita State 7:40pm TNT

Syracuse vs Cal 8:40pm TBS

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