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Big Ten Tournament First Day Open Thread

Just because the Illini game is over that doesn't mean you have to stop watching. It's better than working.


The Illini have already played their game, but there are still three games to play today. So why work or go to class when you can just hang out here and talk about them? You're watching anyway.

Or we can discuss this.


I don't have a ton of problems with this, as I think many are very accurate, however there are changes I'd make.

-- I'm not insulted with being called the smart kid, but if you aren't going to give Northwestern Martin Prince you should make the Wildcats Professor Frink.

-- It makes far more sense for Rutgers to be Fat Tony. I mean, New Jersey and the mafia? Also, Fat Tony is pretty much harmless.

-- Which means Ohio State needs a new character and HELLO, NELSON MUNTZ MUCH?

-- Penn State is Moe Szyslak. LOL