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The Illini Couldn't Even Get A Vote

It's not all that surprising, and it doesn't matter anyway.

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When the Illini were winning five in a row they couldn't crack the top 25 again, so it wasn't much of a surprise when they remained unranked through the last few weeks as they lost three of their final four games. Even the win, against Nebraska, was unimpressive.

And it all led to the Illini not only being unranked in the final polls of the regular season, but they couldn't even get a vote.

Not a single AP voter or Coaches Poll voter decided to throw the Illini a bone this week. However, teams like Valparaiso and Stephen F. Austin got a vote. But not the Illini.

Of course, while some of you may be bothered by this -- did you know some people just like to be angry about shit? -- I really couldn't care less. The only number next to the word Illinois I care about right now is the #8 in the Big Ten Tournament and hopefully a better number in the NCAA tournament.

The fact I know there's going to be one a week from today is good enough for me.

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