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B1G Basketball Diaries: Layups Are Hard

We've seen it with the Illini in recent games and a couple of missed layups gave Indiana a Big Ten title on Sunday as well.

Gregory Shamus

Indiana 72 Michigan 71

Considering how this entire Big Ten season has gone I can't imagine a better way to end it than with this game. Michigan took a lead early, Indiana fought back, the two then took turns taking the lead, and finally Michigan missed a couple of layups in the closing seconds that would have won the game and caused a four-way split for the conference title.

Instead Indiana has its first regular season Big Ten title in 20 years.

And of course Tom Crean was so happy he couldn't wait to yell at somebody about it.

Wisconsin 63 Penn State 60

Penn State nearly did it again on Sunday and if only the Nittany Lions began the conference season playing as well as they have been in recent weeks things may have been different. Alas, they fell short and Wisconsin escaped Happy Valley with a win thanks to Traevon Jackson's buzzer-beater.

The Indiana-Michigan game was so good it pushed a buzzer-beater like this to second place.

Michigan State 71 Northwestern 61

With Michigan losing earlier and Ohio State winning this game meant absolutely nothing to anybody involved. So of course Northwestern actually hung around and only faded in the final minutes.

Ohio State 68 Illinois 55

Read all about it.

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