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Billy Gonzales Leaves Illinois

Receiver Peter Bonahoom tweeted that Billy Gonzales is leaving the Illini coaching staff.


Now that signing day is over, we could have yet another change coming to the coaching staff.

On Thursday night walk on receiver Peter Bonahoom tweeted the following.

Now, "Coach G" could have been Keith Gilmore, who left for North Carolina, but when asked about it Bonahoom said he was talking about "Gonzo."

So it looks like we're going to have another vacancy on the coaching staff. However, there's no official word as of yet.


The Champaign News Gazette confirmed the news, Billy Gonzales is no longer on the Illinois staff. So both of our co-offensive coordinators from last season are now gone, which means it's Bill Cubit's show and Cubit's show only.

Of course, it also means we are currently in the market for both a defensive line and wide receivers coach too. Send your resumes!

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