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B1G Basketball Diaries: Another Boring Chapter In The Rivalry Between Ohio State And Michigan

Ho-hum, just two boring schools doing boring things.

The junior Hardaway looked terrible, but played well.
The junior Hardaway looked terrible, but played well.
Gregory Shamus

Michigan 76 Ohio State 74 OT

Michigan was able to avenge its second loss of the season by beating the team that handed the Wolverines their first loss of the season. A pretty excellent game all around that ended with some bitter Buckeyes fans who believe Aaron Craft was fouled at the end overtime and it wasn't called.

Was it a foul? Yeah, I tend to think so, but the fact it wasn't called wasn't the biggest crime of the overtime period in my eyes.

No, that would be the fact that Deshaun Thomas didn't even touch the ball in overtime. Want to look for somebody to blame, look to your own team, Buckeye fans.

Purdue 58 Penn State 49

And on the opposite end of the Ohio State/Michigan spectrum was this game. Though, honestly, I have no actual room to talk about Purdue. Not only have the Boilermakers already beaten our beloved Illini, but they've now managed to win three more Big Ten games as well.

Which is something that Penn State knows nothing about, as the Nittany Lions are now 0-10 in the conference. But don't give up hope just yet, Penn State basketball fan, you still get to play the Illini later this month.

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