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EXCLUSIVE: New Illinois Basketball Jerseys By Adidas

Illinois has signed a deal with Adidas and The Champaign Room has come across an early prototype of our new basketball uniforms.

You've no doubt seen the new uniforms that schools like Cincinnati, Kansas, Notre Dame, Baylor, UCLA and Louisville will be wearing in the tournament this season, and no doubt your reaction was "Man, those are so sweet! I really wish Illinois had a contract with Adidas so we could wear those badass Zubaz shorts. But we don't and now I don't see any reason to continue living this life. I'm going to kill myself."

But don't kill yourself just yet! There is wonderful news!

Illinois has signed a new deal with Adidas and while we won't have new uniforms in time for this year's tournament I have gotten my hands on a prototype of the jerseys our basketball team will wear next season.

Behold them in all their glory.


I'm going to buy so many of these!

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