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B1G Basketball Diaries: Penn State Did What?

You gotta be shitting me.


Penn State 84 Michigan 78

I stayed away from sports last night to watch things like the Top Chef finale mostly because given the two games on the schedule in the Big Ten I didn't think there was much reason to watch either of them. So you can imagine my shock when I flipped open the laptop to write this very post and saw that Penn State beat Michigan last night.

Penn State.

The same Penn State team that was 0-14 in the Big Ten before last night. I mean, as we saw when the Illini hosted the Nittany Lions, this is certainly a Penn State team that tries hard and isn't going to lay down, but holy shit I didn't think they could try hard enough to overcome a team as talented as Michigan.

I mean, Michigan shot 51% from the floor last night, though as I mentioned in the preview for our game against the Wolverines on Sunday, if Michigan has trouble from three it can be beaten. And Michigan struggled from three last night, and it also turned the ball over 15 times.

That being said, Penn State still scored damn near 50 points in the second half and of all the shocking upsets we've seen in the Big Ten this season this one has to be the biggest.

Iowa 58 Purdue 48

I didn't see any of this game either, but looking through the box score I'm not sure either team should accept a win here. Purdue's starters only managed to shoot 25% from the floor, and Iowa shot 31% as a team. Iowa isn't going to give this win back, though, because it desperately needs every win it can get right now.

Still, considering that Iowa just lost to Nebraska and played like dogshit last night, I'm thinking our trip to Iowa City looks more and more winnable every day.

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