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Illinois Helmet Mockups

Because it's a Saturday morning and what the hell else are you going to do?


Last month we came across a photo of new Illini recruit Jaylen Dunlap modeling what appeared to be a couple of new football helmets for the Illini, and they were pretty all right I guess. Personally I enjoyed my wonderful idea of having the Chief Illiniwek logo on the side of the helmet rather than the Block I or Illini in script. So much so that I made this awesome and super-professional mockup of my idea.


Sweet, right?

Well, a few more mockups have emerged that are of a slightly better quality than the one I created. They come to us via @Iwantcakeplz -- via Illinois Loyalty -- and his designs for some new Illinois helmets are pretty cool.



By and large I'm a fan of the idea of using the Chief headdress on the helmet. Not only does it look cool and give the Illini a unique look, but it's better than the mostly boring helmets we've been wearing for years.

My favorite still remains this older mock that keeps the headdress theme going.


Of course, the sad fact is that we'll probably never see anything like these helmets become reality. It seems like everything the school does these days is to move away from Chief Illiniwek.

But we can dream, can't we?

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