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Big Ten Basketball Power Rankings: Gopher Hole

Because what the hell is the point of playing a sport if you aren't going to rank the teams involved in order of their POWER?



While Indiana finally knocked Michigan from the top spot last week, over the last few months there hasn't been a lot of movement amongst teams in the Power Rankings. That changes this week. There is nothing new at the top, as Indiana not only held on to its lead, but the teams in the middle of the pack are shuffling.

And the biggest victim is Minnesota, as the Gophers take the biggest drop we've seen from any team all season long.

Team (Points, Last Week) -- This Week's Games

1. INDIANA 24-3, 12-2 (133, 1) -- 2/26 at Minnesota

2. MICHIGAN 22-4, 9-4 (123, 2) -- 2/24 vs Illinois, 2/27 at Penn State

3. MICHIGAN STATE 22-5, 11-3 (117, 3) -- 2/24 at Ohio State

4. OHIO STATE 19-7, 9-5 (105, 4) -- 2/24 vs Michigan State, 2/28 at Northwestern

5. WISCONSIN 19-8, 10-4 (95, 6) -- 2/26 vs Nebraska

6. ILLINOIS 20-8, 7-7 (87, 7) -- 2/24 at Michigan

7. IOWA 17-9, 6-7 (86, 8) -- 2/23 at Nebraska, 2/27 vs Purdue

8. MINNESOTA 18-9, 6-8 (81, 5) -- 2/26 vs Indiana

9. NORTHWESTERN 13-14, 4-10 (63, 9) -- 2/24 at Purdue, 2/28 vs Ohio State

10. NEBRASKA 12-14, 3-10 (49, 11) -- 2/23 vs Iowa, 2/26 at Wisconsin

10. PURDUE 12-14, 5-8 (49, 10) -- 2/24 vs Northwestern, 2/27 at Iowa

12. PENN STATE 8-18, 0-14 (37, 12) -- 2/27 vs Michigan

So Minnesota took a tumble, huh? That's what happens when you've not only lost four of five, but when your two losses since last week's rankings come by a combined 47 points. The fact they were both to teams just above and below the Gophers in the rankings didn't help much either.

I'm a little surprised that the Gophers not only fell below Iowa in the rankings, but a considerable amount of points behind them as well. If I'm an Iowa fan I'm wishing the formula I use in these rankings was selecting teams for the NCAA tournament because it's been high on the Hawkeyes all season long.

Also, you will notice that Indiana extended its lead on both Michigan and Michigan State this week, which isn't exactly a shock considering it beat Michigan State on Tuesday night.

Elsewhere, congratulations on slipping down to become tied with Nebraska, Purdue. I'm sure it's a thrill.

As for our Illini, like I said, this formula loves Iowa so if the Illini lose to Michigan on Sunday don't be surprised to see the Hawkeyes jump in front of them next week.

Finally, here's how the conference fared in points gained or lost this week.

Team (Points Gained/Lost)

1. INDIANA (4)



2. IOWA (3)







11. PURDUE (-10)

12. MINNESOTA (-20) <--- That's not easy to do


It's a slow week in the Big Ten as most teams are only playing one game, and honestly, none of them are all that interesting. I was originally leaning toward Michigan State and Ohio State here because the Spartans still have a chance to win the regular season title, but I'm going in a different direction. Instead I'm going with Michigan and Illinois. Michigan cannot afford another loss as they've already slipped to fourth in the conference standings and they still have one more game against Indiana. Meanwhile Illinois puts its five-game win streak on the line and if the Illini can somehow manage to go into Ann Arbor and beat the Wolverines -- nobody else has done it -- then we're looking at a team that may get a top-four seed in the tournament somehow.

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