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B1G Basketball Diaries: Indiana Takes Control Of The Conference

I love when a game lives up to the hype.

Gregory Shamus

Indiana 72 Michigan State 68

Now, before I start this recap, it's important to point out that we really can't be sure this game ever officially ended if the game clock is still stuck on 13 seconds. Let's go to the monitor.


*waits ten minutes*

*waits another ten minutes as officials review the review of the original review*

*laughs at Cody Zeller getting hit in the nuts*

*wonders how Adreian Payne can be called for a foul for taking a Christian Watford elbow to the face that Watford was actually called for a flagrant on*

Aaaand we're back.

Pretty awesome game all around and trying to recap the entire thing in a couple hundred words seems relatively impossible. Still, it was a game that had a Final Four feeling to it and Indiana emerged with the victory. Which is bad because it's never nice to see Indiana win, but at the same time we get a nice little RPI boost for it so that's cool.

As for what it means in the grand scheme of things, while this certainly doesn't give Indiana the regular season conference title it puts the Hoosiers in the driver's seat.

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