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Steve Clinkscale Leaving For Cincinnati?

More staff turnover coming?


This is definitely something we'll want to keep an eye on. I mean, there's a big difference between being contacted by a school and taking the job, but still, I'd prefer not to lose Clinkscale. He'd be a considerable loss, both from a coaching and a recruiting standpoint.

What's worrisome is that Ryan Easterling of is reporting that Clinkscale hasn't just been contacted, but that he's gone.

So, yeah, this sucks. I know the secondary wasn't great last season, but I put that more on the talent in the secondary than Clinkscale. And as far as recruiting he's been very valuable in that area as well.

What scares me more than anything about this, though, is that Clinkscale could be considered one of Beckman's guys. He came with Beckman from Toledo, so the fact he's leaving Illinois to take what's reportedly the same job at Cincinnati, well, that's not good. Now if it turns out he's getting some kind of promotion that takes some of the sting out, but not all of it.

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