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B1G Basketball Diaries: Indiana Killed Purdue Again

Just stay down, Purdue!

Indiana 83 Purdue 55

Back in January in West Lafayette Indiana beat Purdue 97-60. It was a 37-point demolition. Watching the game it felt like Indiana stabbed Purdue 4 times in the chest but instead of watching Purdue bleed out, it stabbed them 33 more times. Just to be sure.

You should have stayed dead, Purdue.

The Hoosiers did it to Purdue again Saturday, though to the Boilermakers credit, they stayed within 30 this time. However, that doesn't change the fact that Indiana out-scored Purdue 180-115 in two games this year. Hopefully they meet again in the Big Ten tournament.

Michigan State 73 Nebraska 64

Michigan State shot 51% from the floor and sank 23 of 29 free throws while Nebraska shot only 36%. Michigan State also blocked 12 Nebraska shots while out-rebounding Nebraska 41 to 23 and yet, somehow, this was only a nine-point game in Lincoln last night. Maybe it was the 13 Michigan State turnovers, or maybe it was the fact 11 of Nebraska's 23 rebounds were offensive, I don't know.

I didn't watch this game. I was too busy being bored out of my mind by the NBA All Star crapfest last night. I should have known Nebrasketball would be far more interesting than that.

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