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B1G Basketball Diaries: Sparty Parties On Michigan's Face

God damn.

Guess who Michigan is in this gif

Michigan State 75 Michigan 52

If you didn't watch this game and look at that score your initial reaction is probably "daaaaaaaaaaaayum, Michigan State kicked Michigan's ass!" You're right, Michigan State did, but worse than that score would have you believe. The fact is that with Michigan State had a 74-43 lead with 90 seconds left to play.

This was a beating. From the opening tip until the end. In fact, the last 90 seconds when Michigan went on a 9-1 run was the only real run the Wolverines went on.

The Wolverines road woes continue, as they've now lost three of four with all three of those losses coming outside of Ann Arbor. As a result, instead of being on a path to a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament Michigan is now on a path to a #3 seed in the Big Ten Tournament.