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B1G Basketball Diaries: Indiana Recovers

You know how I know that Ohio State isn't as good as Illinois? Because Illinois beat Indiana and Ohio State couldn't. Oh, and because Illinois beat Ohio State earlier this season.


Indiana 81 Ohio State 68

I know Indiana brought the entire roster to Columbus on Sunday afternoon but the truth is all the Hoosiers needed was Christian Watford (20 points, 6 rebounds), Cody Zeller (24 and 8) and Victor Oladipo (26 and 8). Since you're so good with math you can see that Hoosier trio accounted for 86.4% of Indiana's points and 73.3% of its rebounds.

Oh, and the 70 points between them was literally enough to outscore Ohio State.

As a result Indiana is likely going to find itself at #1 again on Monday when the new polls are released despite the fact that it lost to Illinois during the week. That's what happens when every other top team loses a game as well and Duke escapes from Boston College with a 62-61 win.

Illinois 57 Minnesota 53

Tyler Griffey making that late run at Big Ten Player of the Year, y'all.

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