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Tim Beckman's Coaches Poll Ballot

Did you know coach had a vote?

Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

During the regular season the ballots of the coaches who vote in the Coaches Poll are kept private. However, once the regular season ends, since the Coaches Poll is part of the BCS formula, the final ballots of the regular season are made public.

Some of you may not have even been aware that Tim Beckman was a voter in the Coaches Poll this season, but he was. And I thought you might find it interesting to see how Beckman voted this week. There's nothing too crazy, but still, it's fun to look at.

1. Florida State

2. Auburn

3. Alabama

4. Baylor

5. Michigan State

6. Stanford

7. Ohio State

8. Missouri

9. Oklahoma

10. South Carolina

11. Oklahoma State

12. Clemson

13. Oregon

14. LSU

15. Arizona State

16. UCF

17. Louisville

18. UCLA

19. Wisconsin

20. Fresno State

21. Duke

22. Texas A&M

23. Cincinnati

24. Northern Illinois

25. Georgia

Honestly, the only things here that surprise me are I thought he might have Ohio State and Oklahoma State a little higher considering his ties to both Urban Meyer and Mike Gundy. All that being said, overall his ballot isn't much different from the Coaches Poll as a whole.

Also, he should have taken Northern Illinois off his ballot and replaced them with the Illini. WHY DOESN'T COACH LIKE HIS OWN TEAM?

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