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You Bet Your Ass: B1G Championship Edition

All four of your competitors stumble toward the finish line.

Last week should have been the week that one of us seized the moment and either moved into first place or put a stranglehold on our lead. Instead all four of us went 2-4.

Clutch as hell.

Though I suppose it's not all bad news, because we now head into the postseason with everything still on the line, and while the premise of You Bet Your Ass remains the same, there are some minor changes for the B1G Championship and the bowl games that will follow it.

For this week's game the four of us have to place a bet on both the spread and the over/under, we don't get to choose only one. Also, our gambling values have doubled from $25, $50 and one $100 maximum bet to $50, $100 and a $200 maximum bet to play with.

So how are the four of us betting the B1G Championship? Well, keep reading you impatient bastard.

Ohio State (-5.5) vs. Michigan State, Over/Under: 51.5


$200 on Ohio State -5.5

$100 on Under 51.5

I've been supporting Michigan State all season long, saying that it was the most underrated team in the country. And it was. However, that doesn't mean I think it's better than Ohio State. Michigan State fans won't want to hear it, but as awesome as the Spartans defense has been this season, the toughest offense it faced was Indiana's. It gave up 28 points in that game, the same it allowed against Nebraska. Ohio State's offense is better than Indiana's and unlike Indiana and Nebraska, the Ohio State defense isn't going to let Michigan State score more than 30 points. Sorry, Sparty, but you're going to have to settle for backing in to the Rose Bowl.

Final Score: Ohio State 24 Michigan State 10


$100 on Ohio State -5.5

$50 on Under 51.5

Gah. This is not an easy game to pick and I already regret that $100 bet. But whatever. Michigan State is a very good team and deserves the trip they'll take to the Rose Bowl, but Urban Meyer knows how to get a team up for a game they need to win and I think the Big Ten will find its champion in the final BCS Championship Game.

Final Score: Ohio State 28 Michigan State 21


$100 on Ohio State -5.5

$200 on Over 51.5

Michigan State's defense cannot be given enough credit. They have played great this season, BUT they have not played any offense nearly as good or as difficult to defend as Ohio State's. There is simply no way to prepare for Braxton Miller. He is such a gifted runner. He is so smooth and quick, but he is also able to move not only to run, but to throw. He has really grown under Urban Meyer and I think he will be the difference in the game.

Final Score: Ohio State 38 Michigan State 24


$100 on Michigan State +5.5

$100 on Under 51.5

Michigan State has to be, by far, the least talked about great team in the country, courtesy of the B1G and the dreadful competition level. They lost to Notre Dame in South Bend. That's the blemish, and its by no means an ugly one. They've rolled since then, looked damn fine doing it, and Ohio State is the last team in their way. Plus, I can't stand OSU for much longer and their success and their "O"s and "H"s, etc. It spells your state, we get it. Am I bitter? You bet your ass. Stomp 'em, Dantonio.

Final Score: Michigan State 24 Ohio State 21

Money On The Line This Week

Fornelli: $300

Primiano: $150

Birkhead: $300

Cassidy: $200

Standings (Last Week)

1. Cassidy 54-42 $625 (2-4, -$150)

2. Primiano 51-45, $475 (2-4, -$75)

3. Fornelli 50-46, $75 (2-4, -$150)

4. Birkhead 48-48, $200 (2-4, $200)

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