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Illinois 65, Missouri 64: Let Me Hit My Dougie

Sometimes, you party

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

I sat down to write a recap. I sat down after a beer was thrown in the air, after I full-on hugged strangers, after I received texts like the following:

Oh hell yes lesssgooo!

WOOOOO suck it Mizzou


(all smiley face emoticons)


Sometimes you sit down and hash out the business you just watched. Other times, you celebrate the non-con Super Bowl and shotgun an Old Style. Sometimes, the full recap goes up the next morning.

So, look forward to that tomorrow because for now, we're downing Jamo and Fireball shots and chest bumping orange painted strangers. First time in five years, so treat it like the meteor shower that it is. Party, you beautiful bunch of orange and blue bastards. Party.

And here's the best part: the patronizing "Oh, good job, that was a good game at least" garbage is over. Mizzou recognizes who the rival is now, and it's real. Because we can beat all y'all, so protect ya neck. Mr. Abrams might hit that jugular.