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The TCR Top 40: A Lot Of You Won't Agree

The Champaign Room thinks Top 25 polls are for wimps.

Before we get to the actual rankings this week, I would like to point out that Florida State has been No. 1 in our rankings for weeks now. So when Auburn's Chris Davis returned that field goal 108 yards for a win to beat Alabama in an insane fashion that was entirely unbelievable and seemed like some shit you'd see at the end of an episode of Friday Night Lights, The TCR Top 40 was justified!

We know all along that Alabama was fallible! HUZZAH!

Okay, so maybe that's a bit much. However, you're going to see something in this week's rankings that you might not agree with. But before you go on, it's important to remember that before Auburn beat Alabama in a miraculous fashion, it was only ranked No. 9 in our standings. The BCS had it at No. 4, and now has it at No. 3, ahead of Alabama.

Well, Auburn isn't ahead of Alabama here.

1. Florida State (Last week: 1)

Here's the thing you never hear about Florida State when it comes to the debates between which schools deserve to be where they are and which ones don't. No doubt you've heard plenty about Ohio State's schedule in the last few days, hell, weeks. It's been a talking point all season long. But did you know that according to the Sagarin Ratings used in the BCS formula that Ohio State has played a tougher schedule than Florida State has? Ohio State's is ranked 61st, Florida State's is 66th. The difference is that Florida State has beaten the shit out of everybody.

2. Ohio State (3)

Speaking of the debate between Ohio State and Auburn right now - -and we'll just glance over the fact that BOTH TEAMS STILL HAVE GAMES REMAINING AGAINST TOP TEN TEAMS BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT EVERYBODY ELSE IS DOING THE FUCKING MORONS -- I love the idea from so many SEC fans that Auburn is better than Ohio State because Ohio State had a close game with Michigan. You know, on the road. Against it's arch-rival. Yet the fact Auburn basically needed two miracles to beat Georgia and Alabama at home in the last few weeks doesn't matter. Oh but Georgia and Alabama are much better than Michigan? So true! But how about Washington State and Mississippi State? Both of those teams finished the year 6-6 and both played at Auburn this season. Washington State lost 31-24 after the teams went to the fourth quarter tied 24-24. Mississippi State lost to Auburn 24-20 when Auburn scored a touchdown with ten seconds left in the game.

Remember, kids. There are always going to be narratives fed to you -- SEC good, Big Ten bad -- but there are also these things out there that actually happened. Always try to decide for yourself and actually look at things instead of just believing the things being yelled at you by people on television.

3. Alabama (2)

How is Alabama still No. 3? Well, remember my rankings are based upon the entire picture, and aren't nearly as reactionary as human polls are going to be. And tell me: are you convinced, considering the manner in which it lost, that Alabama isn't the best 1-loss team in the country? Exactly.

4. Oklahoma State (4)

Look at that, if the playoff committee were to select teams based on nothing but my rankings, Auburn wouldn't even make the playoff this season. The Cowboys are a win against Oklahoma away from being Big 12 champs.

5. Missouri (5)

Look! There's yet another team in the SEC my formula considers to be better than Auburn! And it just so happens to be the team Auburn will be playing on a neutral field this Saturday! Seriously, I have doubted Missouri just about all damn season. And every week they take those doubts of mine and shove them up my ass. Overlook this team at your own peril.

6. Auburn (9)

And now we finally come to Auburn. Listen, I'm not trying to rip Auburn here. I think it's a very good team. It might actually be better than Ohio State. It's just, unlike Ohio State, Auburn has lost a game. So when I see Auburn fans who were so angry when their undefeated 2004 team was left out of the title game saying that their 1-loss 2013 team should keep an undefeated team out of the title game, well, I mean, who would have thought a sports fan could be so hypocritical! What a shocking revelation! Also, Arizona State played a much tougher schedule than Auburn did, so I think that it's second loss shouldn't count just like Auburn's loss doesn't count when comparing it to Ohio State. So Arizona State deserves the title shot over Auburn. I'm just using SEC logic, folks!

7. Baylor (7)

For a while it looked like Oklahoma State was going to beat Baylor again on Saturday, but the Bears got their shit together just in time to hold on against TCU.

8. Michigan State (8)

Oh, hey, here's that team that could totally beat Ohio State and lead to a huge national debate about which one-loss team is the best one-loss team. Listen, Michigan State, I know a Big Ten title would be awesome to get. But, honestly, do the country a solid here. You're going to the Rose Bowl win or lose, so just let Ohio State win. Do it for your conference.

9. Stanford (10)

It's so odd. Earlier this season Stanford beat Arizona State by 14 points, but actually had a 32-point lead after three quarters. Yet, for Saturday's rematch in Tempe, Arizona State is the favorite. And I totally understand why. These two teams have just gone opposite directions since that game, even when you include Stanford's win over Oregon.

10. Oregon (11)

Oh, hey there, Oregon. I really don't have much to say about you this week, other than the Civil War was an excellent game but hard to watch because of the uniforms. Oh, and also I can't remember the perception of a college football program changing so rapidly and drastically as it has when it comes to yours the last few weeks. It's amazing.

11. South Carolina (16)

12. Northern Illinois (12)

Pretty simple, NIU. Don't fuck up against Bowling Green -- which has a very good defense -- and you're going to another BCS bowl.

13. Arizona State (15)

14. Clemson (6)

Maybe Clemson should just consider never playing Florida State and South Carolina again? In the last two seasons Clemson is 22-0 against teams not named Florida State or South Carolina, and 0-4 against teams named Florida State and South Carolina.

15. UCF (17)

16. Louisville (18)

Did you know that the University of Louisville and Teddy Bridgewater were completely erased from the face of the Earth? Because the media sure seems to think so. Honestly, in a year with so much Heisman turmoil, Bridgewater, a guy who was considered as a favorite before the year began and may be the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft this spring, still can't even get mentioned as a candidate right now. This is another instance of the narrative, folks. Jordan Lynch is a Heisman candidate cuz he's putting up insane numbers in a bad conference, but Teddy Bridgewater isn't a Heisman candidate because he's putting up insane numbers in a conference that's better than the MAC, but his team lost a game to that team with one loss. Got it?

17. Oklahoma (19)

18. LSU (20)

19. UCLA (25)

20. Wisconsin (13)

Was Saturday Gary Andersen's special tribute to Bret Bielema or something? I have no idea what  the hell Wisconsin was doing on offense on Saturday night, but credit to Christian Hackenberg and Penn State. They played their asses off.

21. Fresno State (14)

Looks like not playing defense catches up to you sometimes.

22. Duke (23)

We are currently in a world in which Duke is ranked ahead of Texas, Texas A&M, Georgia, Miami, USC and Notre Dame. In football.

23. Texas (28)

24. Ball State (27)

25. Cincinnati (26)

Thank you, Cincinnati, for making at least one of our wins look respectable.

26. Texas A&M (21)

27. Washington (34)

I wrote a bit about what Washington will look to do now that Steve Sarkisian left. I've seen a lot of people shrug and say that Sarkisian is no big loss, and while I don't agree with that, I also don't think Washington will have trouble finding a capable replacement. There's a lot to like about that job at the moment.

28. Georgia (31)

29. Miami (35)

30. Marshall (36)

31. East Carolina (24)

32. USC (22)

Also, I've seen a lot of "USC settled for Sarkisian!" thoughts about this move, and again, it perplexes me. Here's what we know. Kevin Sumlin wasn't leaving Texas A&M and Chris Petersen wasn't leaving Boise State. So who exactly was this home run hire that USC should have made? James Franklin? Listen, I think Franklin is a great coach, but he's not a sure-fire home run. He has no experience on the west coast or in the Pac-12. He could be great, he could flame out. And let's not forget that while Sarkisian was 34-29 at Washington in five seasons that Nick Saban was 34-24-1 in five seasons at Michigan State, and only finished higher than fifth in the Big Ten once before leaving for LSU. Sometimes simply moving to the traditional power makes somebody who was once seen as a decent coach look like a fucking genius.

33. Notre Dame (29)

34. Iowa (UR)

2013 was such an Iowa season, wasn't it?

35. Bowling Green (37)

36. Virginia Tech (UR)

37. Arizona (30)

38. Minnesota (32)

39. Kansas State (UR)

40. Rice (UR)

Just Outside: BYU, Houston, North Texas, Utah State, Vanderbilt

Dropped Out: Nebraska, Buffalo, Ole Miss, Michigan

And Illinois?: The Illini don't experience a huge drop, as they fall to 92nd from 89th. Ahead of teams like Arkansas, Iowa State and Colorado, yet behind Wake Forest, Rutgers, SMU and West Virginia.

The Best Worst Ten (from worst to terrible)

1. Miami (Ohio)

2. Georgia State

3. Florida International

4. Idaho

5. Southern Mississippi

6. UMass

7. Eastern Michigan

8. Western Michigan

9. Purdue

10. Cal

These are your final Best Worst Ten rankings of the season. Read more about them over at Eye on College Football.

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